Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Graham Meddling in Uzbekistan and Foreign Policy

Uzbekistan: US Senator Meets with President Karimov; Eurasianet.org

US Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina was received by President Islam Karimov at his residence in Tashkent on August 27, Uzbek state media reported. Ambassador George Krol, the new US envoy to Tashkent, also attended the meeting. Uzbek TV quoted Karimov as saying Uzbekistan “highly values relations” with the US and has seen “great positive things in our relations, especially most recently.“ According to the typically filtered government reports, the American senator was said to discuss resolution of the conflict in neighboring Afghanistan and ways to stabilize the region.

Comment: I'm not sure if the average American ever ask themselves why these congressmen are always going overseas and getting involved in foreign policy when we have have a department created to meet with foreign governments. Rest assured, and most of the time, it is to further US hegemony throughout the world.

In the case of Uzbekistan, Graham sits on the Appropriation Committee that will continue to funnel our tax dollar to Uzbekistan so we can continue to wage the endless war in Afghanistan, and so he's over there to make sure the Uzbekistan government doesn't do anything to cause Americans to look away from the pop media they are fixated on to learn we are propping up another dictator.

Let's the discuss the lesson we need to learn: allowing oligarchs to control our government will only continue American jingoism, so by repealing the 17th Amendment we can restore the balance of power the founders created there by returning the states place at the federal table. Then the Federal Government will be restored and the states will finally stop or at the very least curb the jingoism perpetuated by the corporatist oligarchs both inside and outside of our government.

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