Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Dung Beetle liken to the U.S. Congress

My grandson enjoys watching insect videos on the internet.  Yesterday, we found one about the dung beetle on  He and I watched these creatures live their existence around manure piles.

Much later, the idea struck me that Congress acts are much like dung beetles. The scenario begins with a large animal dropping a load of manure on a grassy field, and here is the wealth of any dung beetle. With such a fresh pile of wealth, dung beetles swarm into it.

Each beetle pushes, pulls, and rolls as much dung as it can possibly manage. Dung beetles use their hind legs to push or roll their wealth. Their backsides are up in the air, while their front legs and face are in the dirt. They are unable to see where they shove their wealth.  Blindly, the manure rolls toward its distribution center.

Within a short time, these beetles have grabbed their wealth. Each rolls it away to its chosen place. Male and female beetles mate at night. They bury the dung, where the female lays her eggs. When the larva has grown enough, beetles feed dung to their larva, which mature into more dung beetles.

Our government has not had a balanced budget since 1969. Each successive congress sniffs the air, finds fresh dropping, and scouts for other fields of fresh wealth. Each successive congress grabs more and more wealth. Each elected representative rolls his acquired wealth into a specified district.  Then, the wealth is fed to those larva-like congressional favorites.

Both the House of Representatives and the Senate do not care where the wealth comes from. Their sole responsibility is to generate legislation that takes enables them to gather national assets, which can be redistributed to their pet projects: aka/ “earmarks”. Neither do they do their actions straight ahead. Like the dung beetle, these special, elite leaders go into committees, hold a secret caucus, or manipulate the system through the courts.

Americans have experienced these stinky deals since 2008. First, we were forced to eat. Congressional stimulus I - - bailing out a whole swarm of financial companies. Next, walking on their hind legs and not knowing where they were going, Congress passed the Obama Universal Health Care bill. Following that, Congress discovered a new fertile pile of wealth: Stimulus II. Stimulus II was suppose to revitalize our America work force with “shovel Ready” projects.( Never mind that the tax payer has paid for these same infrastructures many times over.) At last, Congress found the mother load and a method to raise the nation’s debt ceiling.

The dung beetle is a master for finding and distributing fresh manure. The U.S. Congress is an ingenious group with a license to maneuver monies. If voters reject some officials, the other crawl into court. I.e. 25 states have challenged to Obama National Health Care law as being unconstitutional. But instead of listening to a majority of states, the challenge moves form on federal court to another. The Federal Reserve has a legal right to print money, and Congress authorized another huge printing with Q3.

O.K. You go watch the dung beetle for yourself

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