Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tea Party Tweets 'Help McConnell Find His Spine'

Tea Party Tweets 'Help McConnell Find His Spine;'

Apparently angered by a controversial debt plan submitted today by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the influential conservative Tea Party organization FreedomWorks is telling its followers on Twitter to call him and “help him find his spine.”

The group clearly believes that the plan, which effectively gives President Obama authority to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling, is wrong, according to The Hill, which first reported the tweet.

"Sen. McConnell thinks cutting spending is too hard. Help him find his
spine! Call him at 202-224-2541," the group tweeted.

Under McConnell's plan, Congress could only stop Obama from raising the debt ceiling in comparably small increments by passing disapproval resolutions. The resolutions though would require two-thirds support in both the House and Senate to overcome Obama's veto.
Comment: As if this is all part of a grand competition of power, when in reality it is nothing more than a whole lot of smoke and mirrors.

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