Friday, July 22, 2011

Scheuer: More interventionism = More defense spending

More interventionism = More defense spending; Micheal Scheuer:

With all eyes focused on the Republicans and Democrats trying to out-incompetent each other on the federal budget, I thought it best to keep quiet until that exercise is complete. But I think the unreality of the whole budget mess is so pervasive that I decided to throw in my two cents in the area where I have at least a bit of knowledge and experience; that is, on the issue of interventionism.

Our interventionist foreign policy costs large amounts of money to conduct and even larger amounts to defend America against the hatreds and wars it causes. Indeed, the United States is today at war with an increasing portion of the Muslim world and, under President Obama and Mrs. Clinton, the interventionism that is fueling that war is accelerating.

Now, a major point of focus for cutting federal spending has been the defense budget. That certainly is a worthy target for reduction, and would be an ideal venue for deep cuts if our interventionist foreign policy was not in a belly-up condition and our national security was not withering away. While it seems likely that we could do with fewer nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers, any money that would be saved on such items — and much more — will have to spent in other defense- and intelligence-related areas as long as U.S. foreign policy remains an affair of full-bore interventionism. At least five factors will drive increased — not decreased — federal spending on defense and intelligence in the next few years.

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Comment: As we approach the election season voters should realize how this inventionist policy is a contunity of policy of the two main parties; it's really one in the same for Republicans and Democrats.

It is the two main parties that provide the bulwark of effort to dissolve the constitutional place of the States and the enlargement of the National Government, where as the warfare state is one of the three prongs they use to further attack the US Constitution. (The three prongs of their attack are the welfare, warfare and police states, all of which are destroying what the founders created.)

There is much we have to do to restore our republic back to the structure and manner the founders created because the statist attack is so well coordinated. However, one definitive way that would effect a real change and would remove the force behind their attacks is to repeal the 17th Amendment. Only by restoring the States rightful place in the Federal Government will we be able to stop this warfare state expansion, but so too the maddening rise of the police state in our airports and communities, and welfare state of Obama Care.

Repealing the 17th is no longer an obscure and esoteric ideal, but rather today it is the quadruple by-pass needed to save a dying nation.

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