Friday, June 03, 2011

Woman Screams For Help After TSA Molestation

VIDEO: Woman Screams For Help After TSA Molestation; Steve Watson & Paul Joseph Watson;

Video of an incident recorded over the memorial weekend at Sky Harbor International in Phoenix, AZ, documents how the TSA deal with people who are traumatized by grossly invasive enhanced pat downs.

After a woman refused to go through a full body scanner she was pulled aside and made to undergo the pat down procedure. When the TSA agent touched the woman’s breasts, she broke down into tears and screamed for a police officer.

When police officers arrived on the scene they led the woman away and told her that unless she would submit to the full pat down procedure she would not be able to fly.

“Why won’t you help me? You’re a police officer why won’t you help me?” the woman asks in the video.

All the while the woman’s son was filming the ordeal on his phone, having to constantly fend off threats from TSA agents falsely claiming he was breaking the law. The agents also threatened to confiscate the man’s luggage, even though he had been through the screening process.

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Comment: Is this another unintended or intended consquence of the 17th Amendment? Well you have to wonder if the whole goal of the three serious constitutional amendments enacted in 1913 weren't meant for the eventual enslavement of the American people, so I have to believe at this time it was intended.

However the only way for us to defeat this tyranny is for the states to rise up and demand their rightful place in Congress, throw these oligarchs out of office who have instituted and continue to sustain the Department of Homeland Security, and then restore the Bill of Rights. But it going to take little effort from a very passive public.

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xcopfly said...

The Federal Reserve Act wasn't a constitutional amendment, might want to correct the post.

The Fed serves as a barrier to government printing its own money and starting random wars on the fly, and it should stay in place to stop neocon hyperinflation on demand.

This is the worst time in American history to bring back directly-issued money. There is no guarantee it would be hard money, and it probably would never be.

Without going through the Fed, Washington can easily continue to bomb random countries, but this time with immediate hyperinflation and much more countries.

We do need to allow competing currencies without any tax consequences, and allow private hard money which the government only recently has been shutting down. But we must keep the Fed in place so as to slow down the dollar's failure rather than all at once.