Friday, June 03, 2011

The REAL political problem

Politics in America haven’t changed that much since the Constitutional Convention of 1787.  Virtually every problem emanates from the one knotty issue in that hot Phil aphelia secret meeting from may through September: BIG states v. small states. As evidenced in his book “Fundraising”, pg 6, Peter Edles noted, “Have you seen the map Saul Steinberg drew of a New Yorker’s view of the United States?  New York City is bounded on the east by the Atlantic and on the west by Los Angles. Nothing lies in between.”
            The United States Senate was an add-on, a necessary COMPROMISE! Senators were liked the the House of Lords in the British Parliament, advisors to the president.  Senators were first loyal to their particular state’s priorities, then assisted the president in foreign affairs.  In most cases, states had popular elections to decide which person would get appointed by their state legislature. (Article I, sect. 3).
             The Seventeenth Amendment bastardized the whole of America’s federal system. That awful document aborted the “separation of powers” as prescribed by James Madison, Governor Morris and Benjamin Franklin.  So heinous is it that the Tenth Amendment was neutered, leaving states subservient to national government, with all its weighty/ interfering bureaucracy.
            This fight between liberal and conservative or the arguments between capitalism and communism are smoke screens to manipulate and corrupt voters. Ideologies take on different perspectives when addressed locally.  Is the Republican Party less concerned about poor citizens than the Democratic Party? Are Democrats less concerned about national security than Republicans?...Every national issue is viewed from a local perspectives, and every individual state needs its guaranteed sovereignty restored. California has a whole different set of problems than does Arkansas; New Jersey’s problems reflect a different mind-set from Idaho.
            When Benjamin Franklin offered the “Great Compromise”, his intend was done in good faith, because he understood the value of viable, self-sustaining states within a single United States of America.
            Americans!  We must repeal the Seventeenth Amendment in order to solve so many national problems.

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