Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Ban Circumcision, really?

          There is group in Santa Monica, CA want place banning circumcision on the state ballot.  “They” find this religious rite offensive, barbaric, and a criminal practice. This new item was reported in the New York Times by Jennifer Medina, 06/11/’11
            The two column article points out these activists plan to get a measure on a ballot; they are collecting signatures on anti-circumcision petitions.  Is this a pulled up issue as much as California’s overwhelming debt?  How can Californian’s quibble over snipping the foreskin of a male, while their housing market is shriveling and unemployment is so limp? Readers of this story know it is not a come-on.
             Is dicking around about medical practices, religious preferences, and parental choice a true government crisis? Makes a person wonder where these liberals have their heads is stuck.  First, President Obama jerks off the nation of Israel by telling the Jewish Nation to shrink and pull out of its strengthened position. Now his left-wing followers call for a circumcision ban, which effects both the Jewish belief plus the Muslim belief, in commandments by God.
            Sigmund Freud would have a field day in his psychoanalysis.  The most obvious diagnosis is “penis envy”, closely followed by “anal retentiveness”. However, many women could get their heads around it.

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Anonymous said...

I consider it to be mutilation, so yes, I would like to see it banned for the same reason that I think it should be illegal to have a newborn baby tattooed.