Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Portman Unveils the “More is Less Plan”

I took some time last evening to look over the US Senate Republican’s paper titled, “Jobs Plan; An outline for creating American jobs and prosperity,” unveiled by Senator Rob Portman, and it can be summed up as “more is less.” The plan is a tinkering and retuning of the very things that have gotten our country into deep trouble in the first place; too much government intervention. This is not a way out of the hole but rather it digs us in deeper. Essentially it is a collection of words on the screen that will never be enacted, and hopefully not.

Portman like most of his colleagues in the US Senate miss a couple of simple points; nothing is going to change our current downward spiral until the Federal Reserve is eliminated and Congress takes their constitutional responsibility for the printing of our money, two the income tax is eliminated and we return to the means of taxation proscribed by the founders that would support the national and federal governments “limited” operations, and three, make disciplined spending part of the legislative process rather than something to discuss in front of the camera.

However, the single biggest thing that can be done to change our current downward spiral does not lie in Congress, but with the American people. We need to change and become responsible citizens. We need to bury the old statist beliefs that somehow big centralized governments can take care of all of our needs. Americans must finally realize this is a huge lie.

Also, and most important, we must become responsible about who we select to manage our governmental affairs. We have elected a group of people, and Portman is one of them, who believes it is their birthright to tell us what we can and cannot do, who knows best how to run our lives, and who can take any amount of our money that we create through our labor and spend it anyway they see fit, all the while spinning this “us verses them” mentality that is promoted by the corrupt two party system trap. We have the power to change our government and create our own prosperity, not through some “bought and paid for” political class actors, but through the selection of people the will carry out our will, not some special interest group’s. The power rest in us; it’s only for us now to realize that we have it.

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