Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day Comment

I’m doing quite of bit of work that's keeping me from blogging here, but I didn’t want to let this tax day go by without making a comment in light of the fact that the 16th Amendment is the sister sesames to the 17th Amendment.

I as I have advanced in life I consider any form of taxation of a person’s labor to be immoral and unethical. No one, be he king or government official, has any right to take the earnings of our labor. The 16th Amendment is one of the single most tyrannical and draconian, and I say again, immoral and unethical laws the United States has ever passed.

If we are to regain any sense of freedom and liberty then the 16th Amendment must be repealed. If you agree with me, please post a quick comment here and then pass the link to this posting on to your friends and family to do the same; get the word out folks.

Let’s wake up America to this horrible piece of Marxism that has inflicted our country since 1913, and plant the seed of liberty in the hearts of our young, who face an abhorrent tax burden most of us will never know in our lifetime.

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danq said...

What's so wrong about the income tax vs. the pre-16th British-style tariff and stamp system?

Under the pre-16th system you are encouraged or discouraged from buying Washington-unapproved products and services, or favor American products even if inferior to foreign ones.

Today that would be even more immoral and anti-freedom, since you could tie that into the modern banking surveillance and corporate bailout state, such as forcing or encouraging people to buy Government Motors cars and watch/listen to/read Media 1.0.

Taxes may be too high, politicians' salaries may be too high, and our taxes may be used unethically.
But to instead have Washington interfere with our purchasing decisions is anti-free-market, anti-true-free-trade, and just anti-freedom in general. The last thing we need right now is to turn Hussein Obama into King George.