Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eisenhower Fear Increases While Senate Ushers War Growth

Reports: Leon Panetta will succeed Robert Gates; POLITICO

The last two paragraphs of this snippet should cause every American to scream bloody murder if we had any sense of freedom and liberty left in us.
The long-awaited shakeup of President Barack Obama’s national security advisers could be about to get under way, as reports indicate that he’ll announce picks to fill the top jobs at the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency.

CIA Director Leon Panetta, the long-rumored frontrunner to replace Defense Secretary Robert Gates, is expected to be Obama’s pick, The Associated Press, NBC News, ABC News and several other sources reported Wednesday morning.

The commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Gen. David Petraeus, is Obama’s choice to replace Panetta at the CIA.

Comment: How any US Senator in his or her right mind could allow this to happen is beyond me. But this is the realization President Eisenhower feared coming to fruition in our times, and the oligarchs in the Senate are assisting greater expansion of WAR Inc.

America is well on the way to becoming a truly fascist state by merging the agenda of both the welfare and warfare state, which together will surely bankrupt this country of its little remaining wealth and freedom.


Anonymous said...

Big plans are underfoot for the world and the US and the global elites are keeping a tight rein on the situation.

Atlanta Roofing said...

Panetta is an experienced political operative and smart guy who can manage the conflicting demands on the Defense Dept. at a time of multiple wars and pressures for budget reductions. Most important, he is a long-time and solid friend of EY and has close ties to many Israeli leaders and generals.

Brian said...

Are you saying this is a good thing?