Thursday, April 14, 2011

6 Year Old Girl Groped By TSA While the Senate Tweets About New Wars

I just got this link of this YouTube video via email and I have to say we truly live in a police state. But ask yourself why hasn't anything been done about the problem; why is Congress and particularity the US Senate so silent on this abhorrent issue? Well because we are the chattel and they are the masters. The government class believe themselves to be the elites and we the citizenry are the paroles. It's that simple.

Yet every day someone writes that the repealing the 17th Amendment is a "stupid idea." Stupid aye? What do you call it when jackbooted thugs from the Federal Government put their hands down the pants of six year old, all for the sake of supposed "security?"

Folks, our country has been hijacked, and this is no hyperbole, this is the truth. Unless we rise up and confront this evil and take back our country we are doomed. So sit back and take a look at the life the government class has created for us and ask yourself, is repealing the 17th Amendment that stupid of an idea?

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