Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The US Is Completely in the Hands of Senate; Libya Proves it

Obama, Clinton, and Biden Agree: War on Libya Is Unconstitutional; New American

What a difference an election makes. The man who just singlehandedly committed the United States to war against Libya, President Barack Obama, told the Boston Globe in 2007:

The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.

In this Obama was absolutely correct. What, then, explains his reversal? Three possibilities exist: (1) he never believed that the Constitution constrains the President from initiating war but said he did in order to get elected; (2) he believed it in 2007 but changed his mind upon taking office; or (3) he believed it in 2007 and still believes it but thinks he can get away with violating his oath of office because Congress is too timid to put the brakes on the mission now that it is under way. None of these puts the President in a particularly good light. ...

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Comment: Or there is forth consideration, the US Senate with the President are working directly for the ambitions of the globalists who continue to push for further US imperialism.

Without any fear of impeachment from Congress and no oversight from the US Senate, the globalists can do anything they desire.

Has it become apparent that the Federal Government has been essentially hijacked by the outside interests and is being run by the US Senate? Think about it, for weeks McCain, Lieberman, Kerry and Graham have been working behind the scenes laying the ground work for US involvement in these North African and Near East countries, and at the same time, not one word is uttered in Congress that this might be unconstitutional. 

Folks, this is truly madness, and a kind of madness that will surely cripple the US if we do not do something, and that something must be to repeal the 17th Amendment and restore a balance of power in Congress and the Federal Government. The "States" must have their rightful place within the Federal Government, otherwise we are destined to endless war.


John said...

Does this mean a Con-Con is back on the table??

danq said...

How you could expect a President who supports socialized medicine to have any respect for the Constitution in the first place?

Atlanta Roofing said...

Those of you who want Congress to declare war; you shouldn't be asking yourselves whether the president's authority should be circumscribed by Congress' power to declare war... The question you should be asking yourselves is whether you want the president to have a free hand to commit troops and make us responsible for Libya for generations to come--by Congress declaring war. Congress voting to give the president a ton of more power? Doesn't circumscribe the power of the president.

Brian said...


How about forgetting the Con-Con and moving straight to secession. It is becoming increasingly apparent that our Republic is in dire straights with no hope of turning around.

Atlanta Roofing:

I'm not sure that a declaration of war would make us responsible for Libya, unless of course the goal is "Pax-Americana." Nevertheless, whether the course taken is through a declaration or not, I believe this is all to secure greater hegemonic control this region for Anglo-American corporate interests; nothing more. But you do bring up a good point.