Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Seventeenth Summary 03-02-2011 AM

Motion Picture Industry Group Names Ex-Senator Dodd as Its New Chief
New York Times
Christopher J. Dodd, the former Democratic senator of Connecticut, was named as Hollywood's top lobbyist on Tuesday, a move that might initially prove tricky because of lobbying restrictions for former ...

Comment: Another former US Senate that can't make in the private sector...

New GAO Report Has One Senator Fuming: "It is All Congress' Fault"
ABC News (blog)
“Makes us look like jackasses,” Senator Tom Coburn, R-Ok, told ABC News today. “What would you think? You are paying men and women to come to Congress to be good stewards of the money and then you get a report out like this that says you are absolutely ...

Lawmakers kill bill to repeal 17th Amendment
KHQ Right Now
The 17th Amendment put the power of electing senators in the hands of voters instead of state legislatures, which were criticized for delaying appointments and engaging in unethical behavior in picking senators.

The Idaho GOP called for repeal of the amendment at its convention last year
Idaho Reporter
It's the issue in Idaho politics that keeps popping up in the political process: repeal of the 17 th Amendment to the US Constitution, which gives the general public the ability to directly elect US senators. With the rise of the Tea Party into modern ...


John said...


B. Johnson said...

Regarding the lack of enthusiasm on the part of state lawmakers for repealing 17A, lawmakers possibly don't understand the case precedent established by Justice John Marshall. More specifically, not only did the Founding States make the federal Constitution in part to reserve the lion's share of government power to serve the people to the states, not Congress and the Oval Office, but Justice Marshall had appropriately decided that Congress cannot lay taxes in the name of state power issues.

"Congress is not empowered to tax for those purposes which are within the exclusive province of the States." --Chief Justice Marshall, Gibbons v. Ogden, 1824.

In fact, if the liberals running bankrupt California understood that corrupt Congress is stealing state revenues from California by means of illegal federal taxes which California's own federal senators are helping to establish, then California lawmakers would possibly lead the states in repealing 17A.

Brian said...

B. Johnson:

Many apologies for the late posting of your comments. Google Blogger put your comment in a spam bin and I just now spotted them after all this time. I never check the spam box because so few people read this site I never get spammed. Again I apologize for the lateness.