Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Seventeenth Summary 03-01-2011 PM

Former senator Dodd to lead Motion Picture Assn
Then-Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-CT) unveils his financial reform substitute on Capitol Hill in Washington, March 15, 2010. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Former senator Christopher Dodd, a veteran Democrat who spent his last years in the ...

Top Republican: 'Senate May Approve' Elizabeth Warren For CFPB
Huffington Post
A top Republican broke with what he called "conventional wisdom" Tuesday morning, saying that consumer watchdog Elizabeth Warren is "very persuasive" and may be confirmed by the Senate to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. ...

Highlights: Bernanke's testimony to Senate Banking Committee
International Business Times
The following are highlights from Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke's testimony to the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday on the central bank's semi-annual report on US monetary policy.

FBI docs reveal Ted Kennedy rented brothel
Edward Kennedy, before for his first US Senate run, allegedly rented a brothel in Chile and ate with a Colombian investigated as a spy, an FBI memo reveals. The allegations about the late Democrat's 1961 Latin America tour, ...

Senator Schumer focusing in on Wi-Fi security
Senator Chuck Schumer is now jumping on the Wi-Fi bandwagon, with a focus on security. His announcement comes two weeks after News Channel 13's in-depth report on the dangers of public Wi-Fi. Senator Schumer plans to send a letter to the providers of ...

US senator seeks tough anti-piracy measures
A US senator has called for tough measures to be put in place to battle the scourge of piracy after four Americans were killed on their hijacked yacht by Somali pirates last week. "The murder of four Americans shows the requirement for a ...

Senator Harry Reid Says Nevada Should Close Brothels
The New American
Nevada's Democratic US Senator, Harry Reid, said his state should close its brothels. Nevada currently is the only state where prostitution is legal and licensed, with the state government overseeing the “industry.” Speaking before a joint session of ...

Senate Takes Up Patent Reform
Wall Street Journal (blog)
 The Senate this week is expected to debate a long-awaited patent reform bill that small-business groups and independent inventors say favors larger corporations in the race to secure new ideas and technology. ...

Obama Endorses Senate Bill to Let States Opt Out Of Health Care Law Three ...
ABC News (blog)
ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports: President Obama endorsed a bipartisan Senate bill that would allow states to opt out of requirements of the health care reform law earlier than previously allowed to design their own plans, as long as they meet certain ...

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danq said...

"Among other reforms, the bill replaces the current first-to-invent system with a first-to-file system. The change would give priority in patent decisions to inventors who were first to submit an application at the patent office, rather than those who claim to have been first to come up with the idea."

I had hoped this was gone forever.

Now Microsoft can buy a patent for something and sue a small open-source developer who invented it first.

The trademark system works this way - I remember the same thing happened with a TV show a long time ago, it was a show by Bill Nye aimed at adults called "BattleBots", after they registered a trademark a software program which existed for years before had to change its name.

So much for "To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries;". The Supreme Court already killed the "limited" part a few years ago.

Will Congress and Bush/Obama/? ever go a day without another defiant America-screwing law, treaty, or program?