Sunday, March 06, 2011

“DO AS I SAY”, not what I do

A not so funny thing happens with people who lecture on issues.  Many talk a good game, have all the perfect answers, but fail to follow their own principles.  For example, have you ever listened to an overweight person tell you how and what to eat?  Or the careless driver who gives you “keys of success” about avoiding traffic tickets.  Then there is the ever popular rapist, who has served a prison term, gone though rehabilitation counseling, and gets on a lecture circuit.

Our current President, Barack Obama, recently started a discussion about civility in politics.  This week of March 07, ’11, he will host a White House conference pertaining to bullying.  It purposely brings together students, teachers, educators with its focus on safer schools. He has a tape called “It Gets Better,” which reveals student-to-student bullying situations in schools.

Is he the one to lead this effort?  He has kicked the Republican minority in the groin during his first 2 years in office. He hired two thugs to run his Democratic controlled House of Representatives and Senate: Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. His bullying has put our nation’s economy at risk by quadrupling the national debt to $14.5 Billion. His arrogance places our Middle East ally, Israel, in peril.  His belligerent attitude toward America’s oil reserves and natural resources is leading to our collapse because America runs on wheels.

What is not so funny now is something big happened in response to the President’s pompous lectures.  The American voter sent a new batch of representatives to “fix” our nation’s impending collapse.  A genuine focus calls up the huge problems his administration and the liberal/socialistic Congress enacted.  As of last Novemeber, President Obama wants to dialog, suggests compromise, and "found religion" about being more civil.

Factually, his team has not changed its free spending, tax-and-spend policies. His FIRST budget submitted to the newly elected House was 1.2 Billion over income.  His Attorney General called America’s African-American voters “Our People”, which seems to have a racial component that will keep redistributing tax money going to minorities.  The military budget is being cut, while the federal bureaucracy continues growing at a rapid rate; he added close to 15 % new federal employees during his first two years. (Simply count the Czars overseeing some factious federal action.)

Then there is the issue of PORK.  As of March 1st, the pork industry has dropped its old advertising slogan: “Pork. The other White Meat”; their move must have been prompted by various civility and bullying studies.  Then, copying what liberal federal office holders have accomplished in Congress, the pork industry has changed its slogan to “Pork. Be creative”…. “DO AS I SAY” (not what I do).

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