Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Word No Passes From The Political Lexicon ...

White House Looking For Ways To Bypass Governor Who Rejected Funds For High-Speed Rail

... as the Tenth Amendment and any sense of state sovereignty reaches negative return in the rear-view mirror.

Party interests, special interests and slavery to ideology masquerading as democracy ... so long as democracy is convenient. ( FDR's second bill of rights, never debated except in concept, and never "ratified" except in piecemeal legislation, is faring far better than it's predecessor.

Perhaps this is nothing new. Giants as diverse as Plato and Mark Twain warn us that democracy can only lead to tyranny. Abraham Lincoln, in one of his earliest public addresses, spoke of the "silent artillery of time" doing more than any external enemy to destroy the Framers' design.

The only remedy is vigilance.

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