Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Where Has Lieberman Been For the Last 10 Years?

U.S. Senate panel to examine violence on Mexico border; Reuters

"The recent escalation of violence along the southern border demands our immediate attention," said Senator Joseph Lieberman, the chairman of the panel.

: Where the heck has Lieberman's head been for the last few years...maybe up his _ _ _? There's more fighting going on along the US/Mexico border than there has been in Iraq for the last five years and Liebermen is only now realizing this is going on; amazing.

This only goes to show how worthless Homeland Security is and the Congressional oversight concerning our nation's security is as well. Yet while this is going on along the border DHS is looking in our households for terrorists, TSA putting their collective hands down US citizens pants, NORTHCOM is planning for marshal law, and the FBI is busting overweight Dungeon and Dragons players in northern Ohio for silly rabble-rousing. Great national security.

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Brian said...

But you know, if the states, particularly the border states, had representation in the Federal Government we wouldn't have the security and immigration problems we do today. Thank the 17th Amendment for another unintended consequence.