Wednesday, February 02, 2011

When Will the Senate Finally Investigate the Financial Sector?

I received the link to this video from a friend via email, who asked, "when will Congress finally investigate Goldman Sachs." My take is not until we the people re-establish the states rightful place within the Federal Government and remove the oligarchs in the US Senate, who are in bed with most of the nefarious players inside the financial sector.

Comment: The situation in this country is dire. Economically we are crumbling, our deficit is growing at a pace that future generations will never even begin to make a dent in by paying on the interest, much less the principle, and the current Administration is not only in bed with the financial sector but acts at their behest.

The question is are we willing to continue to sit back and do nothing as we watch the financial sector not only cripple our country but also the rest of the world? But if we are not willing to sit back then what is our solution to the problem?

Many say we need to have term limits while others say we need to give the states the ability to repeal bills they deem unconstitutional. The problem with both of these solutions is that they "react" to a situation after the action has occurred. We elect a bad apple and we are stuck with the person until the term runs out; or the bad apples produce bad legislation and then the state legislative bodies have to "react" and spend precious time debating the enacted bill and seek some type collective nullification, which conceivably could take years to gain consciences.

However, repealing the 17th Amendment is a "pro-active" measure. With state representation in the US Senate, bad legislation never moves forward and bad senators are removed. There is no waiting, only action, not reaction.

Max Keiser is 100 percent correct: what we have coming out of the financial sector is "fecal finance." However this can change if we are willing to take the bold and necessary steps to repair our government, and that starts with the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

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