Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Seventeenth Summary 02-15-2011 AM

Senate confirms Miss. judge to appeals court
Washington Post

The US Senate has confirmed Mississippi Supreme Court Justice James Graves to the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. ...

Blagojevich recordings at issue again
Chicago Tribune
The defense team contends the 115 undercover recordings would show jurors that Blagojevich was not trying to sell the Senate seat but rather was negotiating ...

Club for Growth Endorses Flake for Senate in Arizona - NYTimes.com
A conservative group cheers as Representative Jeff Flake enters the race for Arizona's open Senate seat.

US senator coming to Pakistan over arrested embassy employee
Monsters and Critics.com
The chairman of the US Senate's Foreign Relations Committee is to arrive in Pakistan Tuesday night to try to resolve a diplomatic crisis that ...

Comment: More mini-president travels for John Kerry; so how has internationalism been working for us lately?

New US Senate panel on digital privacy created
A new US Senate subcommittee is being created to examine the increasing number of privacy issues arising in the digital age. ...

Comment: Geeze, just what we need another senseless committee in the Senate. How about trying to apply free market ideals for once.

Senate OKs Obama pick for U.S. judge in San Jose
San Francisco Chronicle
The US Senate has confirmed President Obama's nomination of Judge Edward Davila of Santa Clara County Superior Court to serve as a federal judge in San Jose ...

US House Passes Measure Extending Authority for Terrorism Surveillance
The Senate has yet to act. On Feb. 8, the House failed to pass the extension measure under a streamlined process that required approval by a two- thirds ...

Reactions cool in Maine to US budget
Collins, a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, says the plan spends and borrows too much, and would put further financial burdens on families and ...

US Senate now putting lipstick on Bush/Paulson's $700billion Wall ...
By admin
The US Senate is trying to steam-roll the American public by disguising the Bush /Paulson $700billion Wall Street/NYC payout/bail-out/hand-out by tacking on non- related items – which the inept Henry Reed led Senate should pass ...

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