Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sen Nelson Representative of the Fed Gov, not Florida

This video of Sen Bill Nelson typifies why the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed. Nelson is working actively to thwart his Governor and the state legislative body, whom constitutionally he is suppose to represent. In this case Nelson is advancing his personnel prerogative and the agenda of special interest groups that back this limited rail system being touted by the President.


Comment: If there is merit in the rail system, which a tremendous number of studies have demonstrated that there isn't, then it is for the citizens of the State of Florida to decide along with their local elected state officials, not some overlords in Washington DC who think they know better. I might add, who think they know better how to spend our collective tax dollars (our hard earned wages) on silly individual state pork projects like this one Nelson is advancing.

There is no way on God's green earth Florida should get one red cent from Ohio, Nebraska or Mississippi for that matter to pay for something that they can't pay for alone, or that does not benefit the whole of the "united states."

This is exactly the central issue with the 17th Amendment: US Senators funnel our tax dollars into their silly and stupid pet projects that line the pockets of special interest groups. Prior to 1913, the US Senate ensured that federal money being spent benefited regions or the whole of the United States and protected citizens from bad legislation advanced from the House of Representatives. But with the enactment of 17th Amendment and the loss of the State's place within the Federal Government, our senators behave just like House members who waste our money as if there's no tomorrow. Certainly a $14(+) trillion debt is spending like there is no tomorrow; wouldn't you say?

We need to repeal the 17th Amendment today and protect our Republic from the oligarchs like Nelson who are more concerned with their own agenda than that of their state's, and who will lump the cost of their pork on the backs of every American.

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