Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PATRIOT Act Bill Now Moves to the Senate

House Votes to Extend the PATRIOT Act, Bill Now Moves to the Senate; Open Congress

It’s a little unclear what will happen with this in the Senate. The PATRIOT Act provisions are scheduled to expire on February 28th, so there is a limit on how long the debate can last. To save floor time, Majority Leader Harry Reid [D, NV] would probably prefer to pass this, as is, under a unanimous consent agreement by voice vote. But at least one senator, Rand Paul [R, KY], appears to be ready to block such a motion. In a letter to his colleagues this morning, he called for more deliberation on the bill. “I call upon each of my Senate colleagues to seriously consider whether the time has come to re-evaluate many—if not all—provisions of the PATRIOT Act,” he said. “Our oath to uphold the Constitution demands it.”

Comment: Reid is a coward. Each Senator should be held accountable for their vote concerning this unconstitutional legislation. You can't call Obama Care unconstitutional and yet install a police state that takes away our rights and say it's all for our safety.

Update: Thanks to a reader comment, Rand Paul to the rescue; he blocked the voice vote. Now it will be fully debated.


Anonymous said...

Um, it looks like Rand Paul already did block it going through by unanimous consent:


Brian said...

#1. Thanks for the update!

Real said...

Part of the reason we went to war with England was because The Crown permitted British Soldiers to write their own search warrants. The PATRIOT Act permits Federal Agents to write their own search warrants, all in the name of national security. What's even worse is that many people think The PATRIOT Act is "just for terrorists" when it has actually been used against American Citizens over 200,000 times. http://paul.senate.gov/record.cfm?id=331164

It seems many in our own government have forgotten or just do not know the principals and values that this great nation stands for. Didn't they start the 112th congress with a first time ever reading of The Constitution?

(The Real Americans Project)

danq said...

Real: Don't forget Hitler's Enabling Act.