Monday, February 28, 2011

Joe Lieberman's Foolish And Reckless Libya Follies

Joe Lieberman's Foolish And Reckless Libya Follies; The Black Star News

There is enough weaponry in Libya to set the country aflame. For the United States to supply any more weapons to Libya, through rebellious soldiers, as proposed by Senator Joe Lieberman (Democrat, CT,) is like pouring fuel into fire.

It's a very foolish and reckless suggestion from a senator who obviously has no concern about seeing more Libyan bloodshed. Why is Lieberman even making such a call? What could be behind his depraved suggestion? Personal animus towards Muammar Gaddafi would blind him that he can't see the deadly consequences? ...

Is Lieberman, who is retiring from the Senate, a front for some oil company seeking a new deal with the rebels? Indeed, Lieberman has been calling for the rebels in Benghazi to set up a "provisional government," which would presumably be recognized by the United States, maybe at Lieberman's urging, and begin negotiations with Western oil companies? ...

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Brian said...

Not only is he advocating for the energy industry, but for the military defense complex as well, who would potentially make huge profits from any US led invasion of Libya.

Now I know why US AFRICOM was created; this whole North African unrest has been planned for years in advance, for this point in time.