Monday, February 21, 2011

How Much Has the Fed Effected States?

Today’s question: How much do you think the monetary actions taken by the Federal Reserve have effected our state governments?

Very Much
Not at all

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Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes the Fed is! Every time the Fed dumps money into the economy it causes inflation and drives up prices, which cause more expenditures, which cause higher taxes. Why do you think there are some many protests overseas; it’s because of the dollar, it isn’t worth anything any more (devaluation) and everything is costing more. Stop dumping money into the economy and end the Fed.


danq said...

The Fed, on paper (no pun intended), creates a small barrier on the federal government.

Without the Fed, the government can print as much money as it wants directly, and if the Fed didn't exist today we'd have a Pax Americana one-country-at-a-time neocon Weimar fest.

However, the fact that the Fed is a currency monopoly, with the gold standard repealed in 1971, makes the barrier on federal money-printing much weaker.

This may encourage federally-funded mandates on the states to get around the Constitution's limits on federal power when the federal courts require it.

Also, Article I Section 10 specifically enables the states to " and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts" The states can do this if they so choose, breaking the Fed's paper monopoly within that state.

Because of all this, I chose "Somewhat"

Brian said...


Very Much: (6) 85%
Somewhat: (1) 14%
Minimal: (0) 0%
Not at all: (0) 0%