Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CPAC Straw Poll

While this is truly positive, we won't have true governmental reforms, reductions in the national and federal government, reduction of burdensome regulations, reduction of the deficit, ending of the police state, and bringing home of the troops, to name a few pressing issues until the states return to their rightful and constitutional place in Congress. The 17th Amendment must be repealed if we are going to restore federalism. The states are the watchdog that kept the National and Federal Government in check. That was accomplished through the state's "ambassador" to the Federal Government, the US Senator.

No one person in the White House can turn this country around. Only the restoration of the Consitution will ensure the tyrannical government never rises again. But that means the constitutional mechanism have to be restored; the 17th has to be repealed, and the states must have their seat at the table.

So while this video is hopeful, it's not the final solution. But the journey of thousand miles begins with one step...and that step begins with the end in mind...restoration of the Republic.

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