Monday, February 14, 2011

America Busted

Just a few of us remain, who were born before August 9, 1945.  The world governments shifted from ordinary to sinister.  An American Boeing B-29 named the Enola Gay became that historic first to drop an Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.  The A-bomb carried the code name “Little Boy”. A few days later, a second A-bomb, “Fat Boy” was dropped on Nagasaki.  Since that moment in time, any nation can grow into a heinous monster for human destruction.

Life was more concrete, earthy, slower, personal, and community oriented. America’s resources were here, not imported.  America manufactured and built stuff, here.  The Interstate Highway system hadn’t been voted into existence by Congress. Airplanes had prop engines; jets came later. Cars used manual transmissions. Street cars and trolleys transported people around cities. Telephones numbers were dialed from a big instrument with a rotary dial. Most babies were birthed at home. Plus, people went to bed earlier, because there was no television. Many radio stations shut down around midnight.

During WWII, American’s scarified. Food, fuel, and other essential items were rationed. Yet, the American economy remained vibrant and was recuperating from the Great Depression.  The United States accrued war debt, which was sustainable.  Unlike today’s greedy Congress, the 1930s and 40s had STATESMEN, who were focused on what was best for America and America’s allies.

Dada or Dadaism, out the Early 1920’s, links into the American Progressive movement.  Following World War I, a political protest against old world power base and established rule began in Zurich, Switzerland.  Their anti-establishment protest spread into France and other European countries.  Even though DADA was expressed in visual arts, literature and theater, its focus was rejecting standard ideas or rules. Its leader wrote that existing things had to get destroyed in order to replace and rebuild. The avant-garde movement was anarchist with little concern about personal responsibility.

The Progressive or liberal movement in our United States has extended the Dada’s intent.  More far reaching changes to our Constitution have occurred from the 1900”, than any other time in American History. Even at this writing, there is at least a dozen newly proposed constitutional amendments. Only one focuses on restoration of original intent: repealing the Seventeenth Amendment. ( ).

America’s government is busted!  Our national debt is unbearable with progressive greed mongers in D.C. not acting responsibly.  The several states are weighted down by excessive mandates that cannot be paid maintained.  Voters keep electing their favorite progressive thieves, who believe private monies belong to Washington, D.C. The present Progressive model/template is unable to march too far into America’s future, because there isn’t enough money to pay for it.

Follow the U.S demise with one invention: The Franklin Stove.  During the 1700’s colonists used wood burning fire places for heating rooms.  Then, Dr. Franklin invented his metal “Franklin Stove”, which was more efficient.  That round cast iron, pot belly stove was manufactured in America, sold to Americans, and used in millions of homes and businesses. When I was a kid, homes and businesses had a coal bin, and coal wagons delivered the coal.  An owner, who wanted more coal, went to the coal bin, shoved pieces into a coal bucket, and carried it inside for use… a whole darn industry, grew from one American invention.

Enter the Federal government with environmental and safety regulations. Toss in federal taxes on anything that moves.  So, the Franklin stove industry has faded from existence.  Of course, new implements generate different careers; but the Franklin stove serves as a metaphor.  Stop here, and take out a sheet of paper. Begin listing major industries that are gone.  These wage givers that gave work to Americans have evaporated, down sized, or moved to a foreign, less regulated country.

The absence of skilled workers, who are paid in dollars, means low purchasing power.  Like during the Great Depression, monies get spent on essential life products. Unwisely, Progressive congressmen and national leaders believe they can tax and spend other people’s money into prosperity.

Our last best hope is restoring Constructional restraints, empowering the several states, and keep politics local. Other world powers will soon be able to attack without reprisal, because America's current national government is busted.

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