Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SOTU: What About the Constitution?

SOTU: What About the Constitution? The Tenth Amendment Center

On Tuesday night, President Obama delivered his much anticipated State of the Union Speech. 

But for all of its poetic oratory, political rhetoric and ambitious plans, the speech begs a question. How can any American really evaluate the state of the Union without understanding the foundation upon which that Union rests – the Constitution?

Some people-including the former law instructor who now serves as President of the United States-believe that it is impossible to reconstruct the Constitution’s original meaning. Constitutional scholar Robert G. Natelson demonstrates that this view is little more than a crock.

In his latest book, The Original Constitution – What it Actually Said and Meant, Natelson contends that the meaning and intent of the founding document does not hide in a foggy shroud of mystery. Anyone – even a law professor – can understand the clear meaning of the Constitution with a little effort and study. ...

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