Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Seventeenth Summary 01-19-2011 PM

A run of Senate retirements or business as usual?
Washington Post (blog)
But, how does this flurry of Senate retirements -- Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) called it quits last week -- compare to historic norms? ...

McCain: Hopes Obama considers Lieberman for defense secretary
CNN Political Ticker (blog)
Lieberman, who already had a rocky relationship with Democrats after running for his Senate seat in 2006 as Independent after losing a Democratic primary, ...

Dick Lugar Faces Tea Party Revolt In 2012
Huffington Post
Richard Lugar (R) of Indiana first won election to the US Senate in 1976, and that was the last time he faced an opponent in a Republican primary. ...

Comment: 1976!!!! This man needs to step down now! No need to run Dick...go home; you screwed this country and the Constitution enough!

House Republicans frustrated with Senate for not considering health-care ...
Daily Caller
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, perturbed that the Republican proposal to repeal the health-care law will likely not see any daylight in the Senate, ...

Former GOP Senate Leader Frist Says Keep The Health Bill
Auburn Journal
Former Republican Senate Majority Leader (2003-2007) Dr. Bill Frist of Tennessee says of the new health care reform bill, the PPACA of 2009, that it should be considered the "law of the land" and Congress should move on from there - and NOT repeal it.

Comment: And Americans really think there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans…hell no. Frist is truly representative of the typical Republican Party politician, who are no more than statists at the core.

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