Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Seventeenth Summary 01-04-2011 AM

A great New Year's Resolution
Canada Free Press
Woodrow Wilson, a champion of Progressivism, ushered in the Federal Reserve, the income tax, and the 17th Amendment – which destroyed the carefully balanced ...

Replace the 17th amendment with a balanced budget amendment ...
By Conservablogger
Great insight from National Review Online: Repealing the Seventeenth Amendment would not be a panacea for what ails the American political and constitutional.

Time to repeal the 17th Amendment?
Tea Partiers and other conservatives have vowed to put brakes on the federal government, and there's growing sentiment in Utah.

Reid's push for tyranny in US Senate
With the passage of the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution, however, the US senators ceased to represent the state governments, which therefore lost ...

Senators should have to answer to their states
Las Vegas Sun
Instead of considering a constitutional amendment as is being suggested, repeal the 17th Amendment, making the Senate responsible to states as was ...

Linehan: Restoring the Founders' vision
Milford Daily News
Regarding the direct election of senators (17th Amendment), our Founding ... Waldman then misrepresents, again: in what the "Repeal Amendment" would be. ...

Senate Dems to Boehner: We'll block your repeal push
Washington Post (blog)
By Greg Sargent In the first official response from Dems to the House GOP plan to repeal health reform, Senate Democrats have penned a sharply worded letter ...

A Senate new year's resolution: Fixing a broken set of rules
Washington Post
Unfortunately, this sort of self-reflection is not a tradition familiar to the US Senate. It is a tradition, however, that I and several of my Senate ...

Obama bypasses Senate to name new envoys
President Barack Obama has bypassed the Senate and directly appointed four new US ambassadors whose nominations had been stalled ...

Senate Approves Funding for Diesel Engine Emissions Reduction Grants
AftermarketNews.com (AMN)
The Senate on Dec. 16 approved the Diesel Emission Reduction Act of 2010 (DERA) to reauthorize grants to state governments for programs such as engine ...

The 111th RINO Senate Was the Wimpiest of All Time | RedState
By dhorowitz3
Al right. That is not precisely the title of the latest headline at Roll Call, but it is close. The actual headline reads, Reid Set a Filibuster.

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