Saturday, January 29, 2011

Internet ‘Kill Switch’ Legislation Back in Play

Internet ‘Kill Switch’ Legislation Back in Play; Wired

Legislation granting the president internet-killing powers is to be re-introduced soon to a Senate committee, the proposal’s chief sponsor told on Friday.

The resurgence of the so-called “kill switch” legislation came the same day Egyptians faced an internet blackout designed to counter massive demonstrations in that country.

The bill, which has bipartisan support, is being floated by Sen. Susan Collins, the Republican ranking member on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The proposed legislation, which Collins said would not give the president the same power Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak is exercising to quell dissent, sailed through the Homeland Security Committee in December but expired with the new Congress weeks later.

The bill is designed to protect against “significant” cyber threats before they cause damage, Collins said.
“My legislation would provide a mechanism for the government to work with the private sector in the event of a true cyber emergency,” Collins said in an e-mail Friday. “It would give our nation the best tools available to swiftly respond to a significant threat.”

The timing of when the legislation would be re-introduced was not immediately clear, as kinks to it are being worked out.

An aide to the Homeland Security committee described the bill as one that does not mandate the shuttering of the entire internet. Instead, it would authorize the president to demand turning off access to so-called “critical infrastructure” where necessary.

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Comment: What is Collins trying to protect us from; freedom of speech?


danq said...

Obama was against it last night and now he's for it again.

Given the political environment in which they're bringing the Kill Switch up again is yet another "we don't care about you, we're doing it anyway" moment of the post-Obama Federal Government.

You don't have this garbage in democratic republics. You have this in fascist republics and socialist republics.

Brian said...


True enough. Ever since the alternative media started to grow so have the fears of the oligarchs. It's amazing how the statists (both republicans and democrats) have attacked the 1st Amendment more than the 2nd in the recent years. I know the next big attack is coming against the 2nd, but I am just surprised at the intensity they are attack freedom of speech.

Remember first they went after AM talk radio, but so far have failed. It needs to be pointed out that the so-called “liberals” have no problem with this, until of course it affects them.

One thing I have told a few folks on discussion boards is purchase a publication program in case they do shut the web down one can print quality pamphlets and possible newspapers.