Friday, January 14, 2011

Heal thyself, Sen. Webb

Heal thyself, Sen. Webb; By Jennifer Rubin; Right Turn; The Washington Post

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My home-state senator, Jim Webb (D.-Va.), made a remarkable statement yesterday. The Virginian-Pilot reported on his appearance in Norfolk:
The Obama administration "did a really terrible job handling health care reform," he said, because the president relied on Congress to draft a plan.
"You can't turn something that complicated loose on the United States Congress," he said, adding that the resulting debate led to great public confusion.
"People got scared. People got mad.... We lost an enormous amount of time on health care.... Both sides made bad mistakes."
Wait a second. Didn't he vote for the monstrous bill? Well, sure. He was the 60th Senator -- each Democrat was -- on the critical cloture vote. So is he saying he didn't know how bad the bill was, or is he saying he cast a bad vote? Neither answer is a winner.
It's not clear that he is going to seek re-election, but if so, he better be able to answer those questions.

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