Thursday, January 27, 2011

The First Ten Bills of the 112th Senate

The first ten bills of the 112th Senate; by Donny Shaw; OpenCongress Blog

This is truly amazing...
The Senate held their first real legislative day of the session yesterday, which means they finally began formally proposing legislation to deal with over the next two years. In total, senators from both parties introduced 201 bills on the first day. Among them were Senate bills 1-10, which are customarily reserved for the Majority Leader to use for laying out the majority’s legislative goals for the session, ordered by priority from highest (S.1) to lowest (S.10). Take a look:
  • S.1 – A bill to strengthen the economic competitiveness of the United States.
  • S.2 – A bill to help middle class families succeed.
  • S.3 – A bill to promote fiscal responsibility and control spending.
  • S.4 – A bill to make America the world’s leader in clean energy.
  • S.5 – A bill to reform schools and give America’s children the tools they need to succeed.
  • S.6 – A bill to reform America’s broken immigration system.
  • S.7 – A bill to reform the Federal tax code.
  • S.8 – A bill to strengthen America’s national security.
  • S.9 – A bill to reform America’s political system and eliminate gridlock that blocks progress.
  • S.10 – A bill to ensure equity for women and address rising pressures on American families.
A quick look back at the first ten Senate bills from last session shows that a little less than half of them got signed into law in some form or another.

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Comment: We are taught not to judge a book by its cover, but in this case the title of each of these bills means business as usual.

Certainly each of these bills will have the inverse effect, or quite possible the actual effect these oligarchs truly desire (you can fill the rest in here), loss of liberties and freedoms, further expansion of the National Government and statism, and digging us deeper into the massive deficit three unborn generations forward must bear.

But repealing the 17th Amendment in the words of John Yoo is "fruitless"…

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