Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Seventeenth Summary 12-22-2010 AM

States Seek Amendment to Check Federal Power
CBS News
Under the "repeal amendment," a federal law or regulation would be repealed .... Actually, they even helped Washington do it by passing the 17th Amendment. ...

Repeal Amendment - Lincoln vs Cadillac
By foxpaws
Term limits do not get similar results as the repeal of the 17th amendment. But, noting that this is a federal system, who represents the interests of the States in Washington? And would a representative of the State support infinite ...

Bill passes banning shark-finning in US waters
USA Today
The US Senate passed a bill banning removing sharks' fins and dumping their bodies in the ocean, on Monday. The "Shark Conservation Act of 2009" outlaws ...

Funding Bill Moves Closer to Passage in Senate
Wall Street Journal
By MARTIN VAUGHAN WASHINGTON—The Senate moved closer to passing legislation to keep federal government operations running through March 4, agreeing by a ...

Senate Expected to Vote on 9/11 Health Bill Wednesday
NBC New York
The Senate is expected to vote on a scaled-back bill that would help sick World Trade Center workers on Wednesday, sources tell NBCNewYork. ...

Senate Clears Science Bill
Chemical & Engineering News
As part of a surge of activity before the end of the year, the Senate passed a bill to reauthorize the America Competes Act, a 2007 law that aims to double ...

What's the GOP plan for illegal immigrants?
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)
Over the weekend, the Senate refused to pass the DREAM Act, which would have put no more than a million young illegal immigrants — potential model citizens ...

Oregon Sen. Wyden To Be Released From Hospital
AHN | All Headline News
Instead, he was in the Senate chamber ensuring Democrats had enough votes for two key bills that needed to be passed before the new Congress convenes next ...

» Cowardly Lion of the Senate. - Big Government
By Chris Muir
Did you note the headlines the day the Senate passed this and turned it back to the House? "Terrorist threat of poisoning our food chain," hits the MSM within hours of passage." It seems everytime there is a new type of terrorist threat ...

What Is Going On With Senate Republicans? I Think I Know | RedState
By scipio62
It's apparent Senate Republicans have made some kind of deal with Reid and Senate Democrats. But why? Wasn't there an election about a month and a 1/2.

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