Saturday, December 11, 2010

Senator Sanders Unfiltered: US Congress Bought & Paid For?

This video is a little dated, but the problems are more pronounced today.

: While I don’t agree with Senator Sanders’ solutions he normally proposes he does identify most of the problems we have in this nation, and the single biggest problem we have in this country is the influence of special interest.

It was the same special interest in 1913 that pushed the 17th Amendment through using the wave of populist progressivism as the vehicle, which for the first time in US History altered the US Constitution in their favor. But make no mistake about it big industry and bankers and the political parties were behind the amendment.

In 1913 the politicians failed to understand the central role the US Senate played in checking the special interest influence. They failed to read the US Constitution, our history, and the writing of the founders such as Madison, Hamilton, Jay, Jefferson, Mason, Dickerson, to name a few. They failed to heed their knowledge, advice, and wisdom, just as our Senators do today.

Everything Senator Sanders says is true in the video. Special interests groups, not only from industry, but agenda driven groups, which he fails to mention, have this country bent over and are having their way with us. Excuse my crude description, but it is the truth; special interests are raping our nation.

The only way we can fight back is to take back our power that has been misused and abused by Congress and restore the checks and balances the founders created in the federalist system; a federalist system where the states check the power of the national government. We must repeal the 17th Amendment.

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