Friday, December 10, 2010

S.3688 - International Professional Exchange Act of 2010

S.3688 - International Professional Exchange Act of 2010; Senator John Kerry D-MA

8/2/2010--Introduced.International Professional Exchange Act of 2010 - Authorizes the Secretary of State to establish a three-year international professional exchange pilot program for:

(1) young professionals in the United States to live and work in a Muslim-majority country; and
(2) young professionals in Muslim-majority countries to live and work in the United States. States that the selection of inbound fellows shall reflect geographic diversity from the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. Encourages the Secretary to defray program costs through public-private partnerships.

: This bill should be opposed because it's truly a waste of taxpayers money; moreover it singles out one specific religion for our attention. (Are there any State Department exchange partnerships with Eastern Orthodox or Hindu countries?)

Do "Muslims" really need our young "professional" expertise? The obvious answer is no. What this bill is though is another imperialistic and internationalist attempt to gather intelligence.

Rather than coming up with a bill that truly wastes our tax dollars and reinforces the world's belief that the United States is an imperialist empire, why not try a different tack and remove the business impediments that prevent businesses in the United States from being established and expanding, and maybe then foreign businesses might want to move to US as well as few US business might return. Also at the same time champion real free trade so business on their own could exchange professional ideas unencumbered by the US Government.

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