Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mike Lee on Freedom Watch 11/6/10: Repeal 17th Amendment and Term Limits p2/5

JohnJ posted the first part of this video from Freedom Watch the other day and here is the complete interview with Judge Napolitano and Senator-elect Mike Lee in which he discusses term limits for the US Senate.

Comment: I have to disagree with Mr. Lee concerning term limits. To me term limits are like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound. The greater issue is the loss and abandonment of federalism.

When the 17th Amendment was enacted federalism was removed from our governmental structure and the national government was able to take over dominion of the states. Only by restoring the states rightful place in the Federal Government can we fix the ailing problems plaguing our country. Only by restoring federalism and bicameralism will we be able to limit special interest influence and the transferring of monies from the taxpayer pockets straight to special interest.

We have to consider the constituency the founders wanted the Senate to represent; which were the states. The House was to represent the people, however with term limits the problem is not fixed because the Senate would still be representing the people, not the state. Politicians would still continue to seek political gain through needless and feel-good spending and continue relationships with special interest as these relationships will still be maintained through the political parties. While making the Senator answerable to their state legislative body may not totally remove the party special interest influence, it will provide a necessary barrier to slow access as it did before 1913.

Additionally, term limits are in my opinion un-democratic. Why should good statesmen and the citizen be penalized for the questionable actions of bad politicians. We should always have the right and ability to vote for the candidate of our choosing.

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