Friday, November 05, 2010

Florida Senator-elect Rubio heads to Israel

Florida Senator-elect Rubio heads to Israel; (Tampa Bay)

Florida's Senator-elect and Tea Party member Marco Rubio knows the political system and how to work it. He is demonstrating that by making the most powerful special interest lobby in the United States happy: the Israel lobby. He is making them happy by visiting Israel within days of winning the election to the U.S. Senate. You would expect a UNITED STATES Senator from FLORIDA to spend time in his own country and his own state looking for ways to make them both better. Instead, Rubio runs to Israel and the self-proclaimed "chosen people" (Deuteronomy 7:6) in all probability to show them he will make an obedient U.S. President someday and would greatly appreciate their support through their lobby. When asked if they thought Rubio should visit Israel or focus on problems in Florida and America, ten out of ten people in Clearwater, Florida said he should not visit Israel but should instead focus on problems at home.

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: This is very troubling; who does Rubio represent Florida or Israel?


Anonymous said...

This is a bizarre act and a very telling predictor of Rubio’s future actions. He could have been a fake Tea Party candidate all along and is actually a war mongering neoconservative. I’m afraid we may have made a huge mistake with Rubio.

Anonymous said...

Why is it 'bizarre' for a US Senator to gain additional information and insight from the strong ally and vibrant democracy who is our ally Israel? I consider it an indication of Senator-elect Rubio's seriousness regarding his new job--which involves a strong foreign affairs component. Would the same comments or tone be used if he were visiting England?

Brian said...

Commenter #2.

I can’t speak for commenter #1, but the reason I posted the original article is this, Rubio is a representative from the State of Florida to the Federal Government, that’s his constitutional role, not to Israel, we have ambassadors for this work. If he was truly serious about assuming his position, his immediate efforts would be on examining ways to cut spending, removing regulations that prevents business growth, reducing unemployment, which is above 20 percent nationally, digging into the corruption created by the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department through TARP and the other financial shenanigans, to name a few and were all things he ran on.

What insight into these problems can be gained from going to Israel and seeking consul from a socialist country? Yes Israel is a socialist country. The answer is none.

As far as being a vibrant democracy, that is truly debatable, but one I’ll leave here because it departs from the focus on Rubio.

If Rubio went to England I would use the same tone, because again Rubio’s focus should be on the issues he ran on, which is restoration of limited government.

The founders knew we should stay away from foreign entanglements however too many generations of politicians have abandon their advise. We are mired in four wars around the world; five if you consider the global fight being waged covertly. Many have said that much or all of this is the result of our Anglo-Israeli alliances, which I agree with, and so if we are going to restore more than just a sense of limited government we have to stop involving ourselves in these costly and maddening wars.

In this light, Rubio’s trip then can be looked upon not in the ideals he ran, but on furthering those that are sinking this nation. War and entitlements are bankrupting this country, and war has quickly topped the list.

Lastly, I do not consider Israel an ally. I consider them nominal at best. They use our country as platform to further their agenda, they receive an inordinate amount of foreign and military aid, meddle in our elections and political process, recently were caught spying on the NSA’s new facility and 2nd Amendment and tax reform groups in Pennsylvania, they steal our technology (this can be found in the very last Congressional Report on Economic Espionage, 2006) just to name a few of the many transgressions committed against us. So what kind of ally does this?

In this I have to agree with the first commenter, I am concerned that Rubio is not who he says he is, and like many other US Senators, has allegiance to special interest groups over the state he was elected from and the United States. Something all of the participants of the Continental Congress feared.

danq said...

I don't really expect anything "Tea Party" of these new Republicans.

If the neocons could turn an anti-war socialist President into a fascist, they definitely could subvert traditional conservatives again - anytime they want.

Brian said...


I'm not sure they had to work too hard to turn him; I think he was fairly malleable in the first place, or the establishment wouldn't have anointed him.