Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ten steps on the Republican path to winning back the Senate

Ten steps on the Republican path to winning back the Senate; The Telegraph

The British take...

With two weeks until election night, a lot of Senate races appear to be tightening. The Republicans need to gain 10 seats to win a majority in the 100-member chamber. Back in January, I blogged that gaining GOP control was possible but a long shot.

A look back at my assessments then shows that the political terrain has shifted largely, though not uniformly, in the GOP’s favour. In January, I assessed Arkansas, North Dakota, Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California and Connecticut as possible GOP pick-ups. To varying degrees, that remains the case.

Delaware, the other possible I identified, now looks to be safe Democratic because of Mike Castle’s primary defeat at the hands of Christine O’Donnell, who appears to be too Right-wing for Delaware and an unconvincing and ill-informed candidate to boot. The retirement of Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana put that state very much in play.

What no one anticipated, of course, was that Scott Brown would bag Massachusetts for Republicans, making their task on November 2nd to pick up 10 rather than 11 seats. In addition, Republicans face tougher-than-expected races in Alaska and Kentucky but, to balance that, seats that very few had anticipated would be in play – Wisconsin and Washington state – are suddenly highly competitive. ...

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: I don't hold much hope for the country if the Republicans win. The hand on the rudder has changed back and forth during he last decades but the direction remains the same, statism. Without a clear alternative to the either of the two parties we are still in deep waters as nations.

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