Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sen. Brown Fears Advance of Liberty and the Tea Party

How to fight Tea Party's faux populism; USAToday

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Progressives are an impatient bunch. We fight for people who have waited too long already — for health care, for educational opportunity, for jobs to keep them in the middle class.

But for generations, conservatives have appealed to fear to protect the privileged and preserve the status quo — fear of immigrants, fear of diversity, fear of big government. For conservatives in 2010, it's easy:




Meanwhile, for more than a century — in churches and temples, in union halls and neighborhood centers, in the streets and at the ballot box — progressives have moved the country forward. Progressives brought us minimum wage and Social Security in the 1930s, civil rights and Medicare in the 1960s, and health care and Wall Street reform in 2010.

Read the rest of Sen Brown's snivel here.

Comment: Senator Brown, I won't fall for your left verses right paradigm or your attack against the John Birch Society (I'm not sure what that's about). The statists of both parties are killing this country as I write. But all I need to say is this: this country has a $1.7 trillion deficit and its expected to grow well beyond that before the fiscal year is over; the federal government's growth has steadily increased faster now than during the Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter Administrations combined; progressives have kept us in a state of war, albeit you didn't start it, but you have kept it going and expanded it even though you said you would end it; increased the police state, although you call yourselves civil libertarians; you attack small family farms for the large corporate mega farms like Cargill and Tyson; you continue to take power away from the states and the people (but there is nothing new there, you gave us the immoral income tax in the 16th Amendment (no human's labor should ever be taxed) and took power away from the states in the 17th Amendment); passed an unconstitutional health bill for your friends at the AARP and the mega insurance and medical companies (remember, Dennis Kucinich said that too); progressives are the real whore for Wall Street (can you say TARP and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913); and worst of all, you want to usher in world governance through UN, the G-10 and 20 through your global climate lie!

No Senator Brown truth be told you fear the people, liberty and freedom. That's what is at the core of PROGRESSIVISM...fear; and this is what is behind your silly snivel.


Anonymous said...

Brown's very wrong on civil rights; while Johnson pushed it it was the Republican Party that got it passed.

Harold Thomas said...

The John Birch Society comment resonates with an older generation. In the Sixties, there was a widespread belief that the Birchers were paranoid people who saw a "Communist behind every bush (capitalization optional on the last word)."

Much of this image was prompted by an unfortunate book by Robert Welch (founder of the JBS), entitled The Politician in which he writes (and I remember this from memory after 45 years!) "I defy anyone to look at his record and not conclude that Dwight Eisenhower was a dedicated agent of the Communist conspiracy." While The Politician was not an official JBS publication and that statement was later acknowledged to be false by Welch himself, the JBS continues to be smeared with that brush.

While most of this will not make sense to younger Americans; most of my generation still distrust the discipline, and to an extent, secrecy, with which JBS operates.