Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Iowa PAC Fuels Speculation of Santorum White House Bid

New Iowa PAC Fuels Speculation of Santorum White House Bid; LifeSiteNews.com

Rick Santorum is fueling even more speculation that he is laying the groundwork for a possible 2012 US presidential bid in Iowa.


Santorum, a leading pro-life figure and former US Senator from Pennsylvania, announced he is setting up new political action committee in Iowa to support Iowa conservative candidates.

“My federal PAC, America’s Foundation, has already assisted some candidates in the Hawkeye State, but I am eager to do more, and the Iowa Keystone PAC will help us do that,” Santorum said.

Santorum has pledged to donate at least $25,000 to Iowa conservative candidates before the November 2 midterm elections. “There are many strong conservatives running in Iowa and assisting them with financial support may help put them in the victory column come Election Day,” he said. Santorum is making his sixth trip to Iowa between October 13-14, where he will stop to meet with voters and candidates.

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Comment: I have doubts about Rick Santorum. Being “pro-life” is not as important to me as being “pro-liberty,” or “pro-limited government.”

Santorum is billed in this article for his pragmatic approach to government. Pragmatism caused our nation to run up a $1.7 trillion deficit, to be at war for nine years with no end in sight, the passage of Patriot Act and the countless other bills that have whittled away our civil liberties to nothing, and from a “pro-life” position, has allowed the Federal Government to break apart our national ideals and norms, which has contributed more than any one issue in the furtherance of the culture of death.


Anonymous said...

Santorum like Huckabee, DeWine, Gingrich, and Romney should all be rejected because they all had their chance, and all contributed greatly to digging this nation into socialism. Now isn’t the time to put on re-treads but to let those like Rand Paul and other take their shot.

danq said...

Romney invented the damn mandate and there are Republicans who love him anyway! I don't get it at all.