Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everyone running for office should know about 16th & 17th amendments

Letter: Everyone running for office should know about 16th & 17th amendments; The Daily News

A letter to the editor:

These two amendments, of course, are income taxation (Am. 16 -- which must be repealed), and election of senators by the people-popular vote (Am. 17), rather than by the state congress as used to be done when our country was founded, thus giving states shared representation.

The reason I rail against both these is because a government that can seize assets (income, property, but I become redundant), can grow gargantuan off the backs of its people, with a virtual slavery existing as they spend more than the people can bear. My theory is that, like in the past (prior to Am. 16), a starved beast cannot spend outside its prerogative (constitutional spending).

The senators were beholden to the states prior. No mandates would be handed down to the states if they were still beholden -- for their jobs -- to state legislatures. Therefore, we know why it is that the early 20th century Progressives pushed these amendments through -- some say errantly, or, perhaps even, fraudulently. Won't see that in any school textbook, will you?

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