Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Am An Extremist ?

I Am An Extremist? Founding Ideals

The only way to handle the cries of extremist is to be informed and know why some Tea Party members are taking the positions that they are.  The Tea Party movement is about more than just taxes, it’s about the role of the federal government.  When pundits say things like the tea party supports repealing the 17th amendment, and that is an extremist position, what they are doing is attempting stop any debate over the role of the federal government cold.  The MSM doesn’t want to have that discussion, but we will.

A senate whose members were chosen by their respective states was envisioned as a constraint on federal power. Currently the states have no formal representation in the federal government.  Prior to the 17th amendment, most state houses sent up a representative to ensure that the individual state’s interest were being represented. Programs like Medicaide, SCHIP, and unemployment insurance are federally mandated programs that are run by the states.  There is no law that forces the feds to fully fund these mandates.  Programs like the  Clean Air Act are not funded at all.  The simplest analogy is that the states are taxed without representation. ...

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