Thursday, October 14, 2010

Constitutional Myths From The Left

Constitutional Myths From The Left; My Thoughts on Freedom

Reading a piece on Think Progress I saw this little nugget of Constitutional dishonesty and actually had to laugh at what amounts to either ignorance on the author's part or a blatant disregard for the truth.

Tearing Up The Constitution: Beyond the fringe claims that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional, leading GOPers have embraced repealing the Constitution’s grant of citizenship to all children born in the United States, repealing the constitutional right to elect your own senators, and one leading GOP Senate candidate claimed that it is unconstitutional for the United States to belong to the United Nations.
Evidently the fine folks at Think Progress need a bit of a history lesson on the 14th and 17th Amendments. ...

Just because the states gave up this right with the 17th Amendment it doesn't mean that they can't take it back again. A repeal of the 17th is essential for the states to gain the upper hand back from the national government and reassert their sovereignty.

Think Progress can dismiss these ideas as radical all they want but the fact of the matter remains that the beliefs of Constitutional Conservatives are more in line with the founders' vision of the Republic than those of nanny-state progressives who prefer a Socialist style government. Progressives are the ones who have been tearing up the Constitution for over 100 years and we have finally had enough.

Read the complete article here.

Comment: The main reason for the constitutional dishonesty in the ThinkProgress article is simply because they are only parroting what they have been told by someone above them in the "party" food chain. They re-write the same articles and keep saying the same thing and never research any of the information on their own. It's an old propaganda technique in that if you say something long enough people will start to believe it. The same thing goes on with the socialist fascist right (commonly called neo-cons).

But if we are going to move the repeal of the 17th Amendment forward we have to "know" how the Constitution was created, the role of the senator prior to the enacting of the 17th, how the 17th came to be, and the consequences of the 17th and its effect on centralized government, just to name a few. Like the author of this blog post, we have to know the truth and be prepared to explain, debate and refute because the majority of our citizens have not grasped the enormity of this issue.

Don't be like folks at ThinkProgress; our movement has to be a group of thinkers, not lemmings.

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