Friday, October 01, 2010

Comprehensive immigration reform bill introduced in the Senate

Comprehensive immigration reform bill introduced in the Senate; KPCC

Congress has adjourned until after the November elections. But before they left town, Senate Democrats quietly introduced a comprehensive immigration bill. The leading House Democrat on the issue insists that it’s not a political move to attract Latino voters.

Activists have waited for an immigration reform bill since President Obama took office.

On the day many members of Congress boarded flights back to their districts, Democratic Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey finally introduced the comprehensive immigration bill. It would beef up the Border Patrol, expand family reunification to include same-sex partners and provide a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 12 million undocumented people already in this country.

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Comment: This a sad statement with regards to the motives of some hacks in the Senate and their motives are far too clear. Moreover, it's sad how they undermine our rule of law and at the same time put a unfortunate group of people in the middle of conflict due to their childish behavior.

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