Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Senator Bingaman Renews “Green Bank” Push

Senator Bingaman Renews “Green Bank” Push; Apollo Daily Digest

It may not be possible to pass comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation in this Congress, writes Senator Jeff Bingaman (D. - New Mexico) in a recent op-ed, but if American wants to realize the “energy security, environmental security and economic benefits of the clean energy revolution” bipartisan efforts like the creation of a Clean Energy Deployment Administration (CEDA) cannot be put off.

Senator John Kerry says climate change threatens to undermine progress on global development. “Changing global temperatures and weather patterns will inject a new element of chaos into the already-fragile existences of the world’s poorest people,” writes the Senator over at the Huffington Post.

Some say that environmentally focused committees in the House of Representatives could be rebranded to reflect a new agenda if Republicans take control in November.

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Comment: Re-branding is right. You can bet if the Republicans win this fall we are going to get some version of "cap and trade" because the Republicans like the Democrats are tied to the environmental left special interest and energy companies like GE who stand make huge profits through government collusion and the forth coming regulations governing the energy sector.

The only way we'll beat this impending tyranny is to strengthen the states and remove power from Washington. Repealing the 17th is the surest way to restore the 10th Amendment and restrict the federal government's abuse of the Commerce Clause.

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