Friday, September 24, 2010

Leahy Commemorating the Six-Month Milestone of The Affordable Health Care Act

Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy Commemorating the Six-Month Milestone of The Affordable Health Care Act; The office of Sen. Patrick S. Leahy, D-Vt.


Here is a snippet from a statement released by Senator Patrick Leahy's office concerning The Affordable Health Care Act that has not even commenced and will go down as the single biggest threat to the US Constitution, next to the warrentless wire taps and other police state measures that came out of the Patriot Act, and to the free market and capitalism and the ideals and norms of liberty and freedom that helped make this country what it was.

Six months ago today, President Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act, which will extend health insurance coverage to more than 30 million uninsured Americans in the next few years. Reform based on good quality, affordable health insurance that has been talked about for decades is finally becoming a reality. Over 15 months starting last year, Congress debated and then passed the most sweeping and comprehensive reforms to improve the everyday lives of every American since Congress passed Medicare in 1965. It was an arduous process, but in the end the achievement proved that change is possible and that voices of so many Americans who over the years have called on their leaders to act have finally been heard.

Americans are already beginning to see some of the benefits of insurance reform. First, in states where individuals and families are excluded from health coverage because of preexisting medical conditions, these Americans can now buy insurance through special insurance plans overseen by the states and delivered by private medical providers. Second, employers across the country already have applied for and have been awarded early retiree reinsurance grants that will reimburse employers for retirees’ medical claims. Third, seniors on Medicare who have high-cost prescriptions typically fall within a coverage gap known as the “doughnut hole.” Beginning recently, beneficiaries who fall within the gap will receive $250 checks to help cover the cost of their prescription drugs.

And today, more benefits of real insurance reform go into effect that will help consumers take control of their own health care decisions. Known as the Patients’ Bill of Rights, these new rules protect consumers against the worst health insurance industry abuses that have prevented millions of people from receiving the health care they need. Going forward, insurance plans can no longer deny children coverage because of a preexisting health condition; insurance plans are barred from dropping beneficiaries from coverage simply because of an illness; dozens of preventative care services must be covered at no cost and with no co-pay; Americans will have access to an easier appeals process for private medical claims that are denied; and adult children can stay on their parents’ plans until their 26th birthdays.

Comment: Whether you are Professor Thomas Woods or Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, or in between, you know the American people didn't get one thing out of the Affordable Care Act.  Most know as Kucinich knew before being paid off by the President that the big winner was the insurance companies. Yet everyday as jobs go away, taxes go up, and the government takes what little freedom we have away from us, oligarchs like Leahy sit in Washington and drink their wine from lead cups. They move about the world chauffeured like royalty and haven't an understanding about the real world around them, the real world we live in, because they are so absorbed in the power, prestige and possessions they are amassing at our expense.

This isn't the way it was and it isn't way it needs to be. Over 200 years ago Americans shed the trappings of the aristocrats and established a form of government that was republican, limited, and accountable. Yet sadly in 1913 this changed when a small group of men using the media of that time orchestrated an effort to take power away from the very citizenry that set the limits on the amount of power they would have. These men used legislation and propaganda and reversed the structure the founders created where by the federal government became the arbitrator of all and the citizen none.

But again it doesn't have to be this way. If Americans of all walks of life realized that by reversing the treacherous laws that resulted in 1913 we would be well on our way to restoring the greatness of this country. The first step is the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

When the repeal is enacted the tyranny of the federal government will end and the states will enjoy a re-birth of prosperity and happiness because the communities of the 50 states will have their freedom again. Freedom of choice to decide whether they want a health care system or even to commit to foreign entanglements. Choice and freedom will return to our communities when we return to the original structure the founders created.

No longer will we have 100 unaccountable oligarchs administrating over us like lords from above, but a consensus of communities and neighbors that choose how they will live. This is what the founders created and this is what we can have if the structure of our government is restored, and that starts with the repeal of the 17th Amendment.

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