Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Candidates Support Repeal of 17th in Knoxville

Independent Candidates for Governor Oppose 'Obamacare,' Etc. Humphrey on the Hill;
Five of the 14 independent candidates for governor appeared before a "small but enthusiastic crowd" in a Monday night Patriots of East Tennessee forum at a Knoxville Baptist Church. Georgiana Vines reports that all five declared opposition to "Obamacare," and vowed to sign a "10th Amendment Pledge" to protect state sovereignty.

The candidates were Bayron Binkley, a real estate broker from Brentwood; Brandon Dodds, an optometrist from Newbern; Samuel Duck, a software developer from Maryville; Carl "Two-feathers" Whitaker, a perennial candidate from Sevierville; and June Griffin, another perennial candidate from Dayton.

"We will stop Obama-care," Dodds said. He pledged to protect the state's right to deal with health care. Whitaker said Obamacare "is totally unconstitutional."
A related question from a member of the audience was how to cut off federal government in our lives "short of secession."

Duck said he favored repeal of the 16th Amendment, which lets Congress raise income taxes without apportionment to the states, and the 17th Amendment, which allows for the direct election of the U.S. Senate by popular vote, returning to the election by state legislatures.

Griffin said she would "starve Washington out." By that she meant when withholding taxes are collected, they would be kept in Tennessee and not sent to Washington, she explained.

Binkley said the election of an Independent as governor would show "the people have spoken and we want to push (the federal government) back.

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Comment: The repeal of the 17th as well as the changed needed to restore limited government is and will come from the local communities. Get active in your local communities because this is where real life is taking place, not with the silly hubristic narcissists in Washington.

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