Thursday, September 16, 2010

Geithner Wants Senate to Act on Small Business Bill; Meaning More Free Money

Geithner Urges Senate Action This Week on Small Business Bill; Bloomberg

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner urged the Senate to pass the Obama administration’s proposed small business assistance package, which would provide tax breaks and credit assistance to companies and local lenders.

“We are very hopeful that this week, we will see positive movement towards passage of the bill in the Senate,” Geithner said today in prepared remarks for a speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington. The small-business bill already has been passed by the House of Representatives.

Geithner said the U.S. economy is “healing and businesses are starting to hire again.” He called on Congress to pass President Barack Obama’s agenda for a series of tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003, a strategy that calls for allowing tax breaks to expire for the top two income brackets while extending lower tax rates for other households.

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Comment: I'm amazed every time I read something in the media in which Geithner is quoted there isn't a follow-on paragraph with someone calling for his arrest. This certainly demonstrates the bankrupt character of the political and media class within the Washington beltway.

Moreover, you'd would think that anytime Geithner calls for giving out more money to the business sector sirens would be blaring and the American public would be screaming bloody murder. It seems as though they have been conditioned to look the other way and remain comfortably numb. Sadly after TARP, the housing bubble, and American's own mounting debt we are not waking up to the simple fact that we are being bled dry. Our economy is going down the tube and there are few in Washington willing to do what is right, namely halting the spending and reducing government.

This is why we must repeal the 17th Amendment. We can't continue to put all of our hopes into politicians. We must return to system of checks and balances that will ensure politicians can't legislate unconstitutionally and in ways harmful to the American public.

The founders understood this yet we ignore it. The time to repeal the 17th was 50 years ago, but it is not too late. It's not too late if you want a future. Otherwise just sit back and wait; because before you know it Geithner and his friends at Goldman Sachs will bleed us all dry. He telling you right now in this news article that he is; you need to wake up before it's too late.

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