Tuesday, September 07, 2010

‘Frat House for Jesus’ senator: Each month we ask, ‘Is anybody here having an affair?’

‘Frat House for Jesus’ senator: Each month we ask, ‘Is anybody here having an affair?’ Raw Story

Buried at the end of a long New Yorker article about a secretive Christian group who own a dormitory for conservative lawmakers on C Street is an odd quote by a sitting Republican senator who was accused of urging a colleague to buy off his mistress.

At Talking Points Memo, David Kurtz notes, "The New Yorker has some new details on the C Street house, 'The Fellowship,' the secretive Christian group that owns and rents it to congressmen, and the second of the two interventions they did with Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) to try to get him to end his affair."

In July of 2009, CQ Politics reported, "A Capitol Hill townhouse that serves as a dormitory and meeting place for a band of conservative Christian lawmakers has been linked to a third episode of marital infidelity, this time in a Mississippi court filing by a former lawmaker's estranged wife."

In an "alienation of affection" lawsuit, former Rep. Charles W. Pickering Jr.'s estranged wife, Leisha, alleges that he carried on an extramarital affair with a onetime college sweetheart while he lived at a house at 133 C Street in Southeast Washington. Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., and Gov. Mark Sanford, R-S.C., both of whom admitted to cheating on their wives in recent weeks, are members of the Christian fellowship of lawmakers known as "C Street" for the address of the house where several of the members live at any given time.

At Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall observed last summer, "You remember the C Street Group, the combo Bible fellowship and group home for members of Congress up on Capitol Hill. But it’s been occurring to us that the C Street Group, which is an emanation of a shadowy religious outfit called ‘the Family’, might not be a religious fellowship at all so much as a covert 12 Step Group from Republican Hound Dogs, womanizers and sex addicts trying to get clean during their tenure in the hallowed halls of Congress."

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Comment: The complete post has a number of links through out and takes a bit of time to read through. But after reading a number of them and considering the various angles the MSM writers were coming from, I was left with a feeling that something isn't right here. Weird. This is a weird group and I don't understand the need fo all the secrecy. My gut tells me there is something very un-Christian going on here.


danq said...

Apparently "The Fellowship" is another name of "The Family". I remember reading about these guys years ago, and how their mission was to have the Religious Right use the tactics of communist leaders.

Repealing the 17th won't make a difference with regard to the agendas of secret societies - if the corporate interests are removed from the Senator, the ideological interests still remain - and the governors will likely appoint one of their own.

Brian said...


True enough. I had heard about this also a few years ago, however my understanding was that it strayed to hedonist lifestyle.

No, repealing the 17th won't fix the problem of secret societies, but it will diffuse the power they currently have.