Sunday, August 01, 2010

Thomas DiLorenzo: The Revolution of 1913

He talks about the 17th Amendment, the 16th Amendment, and the Federal Reserve, and describes how those ideas started with Alexander Hamilton and evolved through Lincoln and the War for Southern Independence.

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Idahoser said...

excellent. Can't testify that I was paying rapt attention all the way through, but I watched it.

This guy does a very good job of putting the facts in an understandable context. Ayn Rand was good at that too. Leaves you no place to hide, you can't deny the truth of what they say.

They are a bit short on realistic suggestions, however. According to his website, this guy thinks 'not voting' is the right approach? Or perhaps that was another way of illustrating a point and he might not have been serious. It did make me think about it.