Sunday, August 22, 2010

Senate Landscape Shifts Farther in Favor of GOP; So What!

Senate Landscape Shifts Farther in Favor of GOP; CQ Politics

It’s hit that point in the election cycle where the competitive nature of Congressional races are shifting rapidly. Unfortunately for Democrats, the overwhelming majority of those shifts are in favor of Republicans.

The latest Senate race rating changes by CQ Politics includes five changes — in California, Washington, Wisconsin, Georgia and Iowa — that benefit Republican candidates. And Democrats can’t even catch a break on the sixth change, which moves Florida’s Senate race from Leans Republican to the more competitive Tossup category based solely of the strength of the Independent campaign run by Gov. Charlie Crist. ...

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Comment: Whether it shifts from the Democrats to the Republicans has little impact upon the American people. The wars in the Middle and Near East, record unemployment, a depression, the end of the US dollar, and a federal government that is growing exponentially are all signs and symptoms of our dying country. As it stands it has been one agenda orchestrated by supposedly two different political parties. So what does it matter if it shifts back to the Republicans; there will be no change.

Until we break the strangle hold the two major political parties have on this country and end their pandering to special interest over the citizen's interest we can expect a worsening of problems in all of our lives...except of course, for the few.


danq said...

Who was in that picture? Looks like Joe Biden (or Arlen Specter) and Oprah Winfrey?

Idahoser said...

"so what?"
so, an opportunity to get things going in the right direction doesn't impact Americans?
Republican leaves the possibility of 'conservative', something you won't get with Democrats. That's something, a chance at getting it right is better than no chance.
If you don't like the Republican party then join it and make it what it should be. Good luck even having a chance to try that with the other party.
Yes, they've gone awry. They're still the only party with a prayer of getting it right, even if they usually mess it up.
The only other option is surrender with the democrats, and hoping it will turn out better after the Dark Ages, and you probably believe you will survive til then. I believe you're an idiot and should get off your butt and do something about it instead of hoping for it to all blow up. You think back on the revolution and you know how it came out, you think you can duplicate it. Well they didn't know how it would turn out when they declared war on the greatest military power in the world, and you don't know either. There may be no survivors if you want it all to collapse. It's a hell of a lot easier to fix it NOW, within the system. And the only party with a chance to make that happen is the R.

Brian said...

#1. I think it is Casey from PA, but I am unsure.

#2. I have been hearing the same old story from folks all my adult life. There was a glimmer when Reagan was elected but that was short lived when the old eastern guard kept control with George the Elder.

Our country will move forward one way or the other, and in time a new party will emerge if and only if we can unlock the strangle hold the single party, Democrat-Republican, has on the electoral process.

Let me offer one other point that demonstrates how the republicans WILL NOT change anything. Recent research conducted that examined the so-called "Contract With American," indicates that absolutely nothing "conservative" was even enacted. It actually furthered the expansion of the large centralized federal government. It was a sham and piece of true propaganda.

No, I have to disagree, the republican party is not the answer, it is the problem as much as the democrats and progressives.

When will a new party emerge and what will it be is too tough to call. I don't think it will be the Libertarian, rather something more along the lines of the Constitution Party with less influence from the religious right...I hope. Personally, I support the LP here in my state because they are better organized than the CP and I hope that at least at a grass roots level we can get something going.

Idahoser said...

the fatal flaw in your logic, Brian, is the vast majority of voters who do not pay attention to politics and vote out of habit. You will not change them, you will not educate them. They are going to vote for their party of habit, and that's all there is to it. And that will always defeat your third party. Right wrong or indifferent, you aren't going to win that way, and that isn't going to change. So either you get to feel superior and always lose, or you do what I said the first time, hijack one of the parties and make it right, and get an occasional win. There aren't any other scenarios.
Well, I'll take that back. You can hope for the Dark Ages, but that's just suicidal and there's no point in discussing that.